the-storyteller-10-free-stock-from-vogue-web-venturesYour queendom has  no borders, conquer the world.

My Fellow Queen,

Thank you for taking time out of your day to view the blog. I can write and promote all I want but without readers, I’m speaking to myself. When I first started out my goal was to write to wives of the time. Marriage has seen a major shift within our culture and fallen away from biblical principles. I wanted to see wives win in their marriages, to be strong in their role within their families. I still do. I believe wives can live in their wivelihood (wife life) successfully, happily, and gracefully.

I hit a wall, however, because as a single woman I received a wealth of knowledge from married women that helped me be the wife and mother I am today. I deeply felt I owed it to other single women to provide quality content so they can be prepared during this season of their lives. Marriage isn’t quite what we dream up when we’re single. Marriage is more and sometimes less than our aspirations. I desire to equip single women with the right tools and expectations so they can successfully transition into their wivelihood when that season arrives.

As an African American woman who is also proudly a believer in Christ, I have found that I’m a walking oxymoron. Christianity is beginning to be highly unpopular in the black community. Yet, like many other black women, I am also battling racism and sexism. I am bothered by the lack of wives I see within our community. I hurt over the immense brokenness that I hear in the voices of so many women of color. I want to see beautiful, black queens win. We need to rise above the stereotypes and barriers so we can freely walk in our queendom. We need women to stop settling for less. Stop settling for being a shattered, bitter woman. Stop settling for being a baby mama. Stop settling for being lonely because you can’t function in a healthy relationship. Stop settling for miserable relationships out of fear of being alone. We need to set the standard to producing more wives out of our community. Wives and mothers are an integral part when it comes to the success of the black family. To do that we have to stop settling for the culture that this world is spoon feeding us. Let’s set the standard of holiness and reach new spiritual heights.

Again, I thank you for your visitation today. On, The Wivelihood my goal is crown queens. You will find content that will challenge your spirit, soul, and body. I’m going to get historical so we can locate where our demise began and begin to break the cycle. Most importantly, I’m going to get spiritual. The Bible is my authority and I believe it resolves many questions we hold in our spirit. I’m going to strive to inspire you, my dear one, to be the best you every day of your life. I invite you to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to grow.